the blacklist

Are You On The Blacklist? is an interactive, online teaser episode created in support of the NBC series' launch. Using Facebook Connect, visitors to the site were pulled into an original investigation that had them questioned by the show's stars... and asked them to implicate their friends based on how well they knew them.

Role: Art Director


Agency Reel


Interface Design

Our photo-based interface was designed to mimic the transparent evidence wall seen on the show, and in our original footage. Coupled with consistent type treatment and animation, we created a simple and easy-to-use interface that maintained consistency with the TV series.

Art Direction

Working with the development team, I helped to design an system that replaced green screen images in our footage with images taken from visitors' Facebook galleries. Treating the images to match how the set photos were moved and handled, the result was a realistic effect that seamlessly blended the user interface and video.