wishing fountain

To celebrate its bicentennial, The Bank of Montréal wanted to put a modern twist on an old tradition: the wishing fountain. Visitors could choose a category, make a wish, and potentially be selected by BMO to make that wish come true. The main installation travelled between Montréal, Toronto, and Chicago, while smaller fountains popped up across the country.

Role: Creative Director


Client Reel


Digital Concept

Further extending the campaign’s reach, the digital version of the BMO Wishing Fountain was available publicly online.

Translating the flip-dot mechanics of the physical fountain into Web3D was my primary challenge and was achieved by conceiving the dots as three dimensional columns.

Experience Design

Our aim was to transform donation, honouring the bank’s legacy of charity and contribution to innovation by combining those efforts into an interactive experience that would delight visitors both at the fountain and online. The key was to create a holistic experience that translated with ease between the digital and real world.

Creative Direction

The colossal effort involved in creating such a multifaceted project saw collaboration between the bank, sculptors, engineers, and the digital team I led throughout development and production. It was a delicate balancing act of aligning schedules, expectations on functionality, consistency in design aesthetics, and above all - teamwork.