The Great Martian War

A cinematic "endless runner" built for iOS in collaboration with History Channel Canada & UK, Entertainment One and Impossible Pictures. The game was designed to help promote the History Channel show of the same name and featured the characters, events, and locations discussed in the alternate history mockumentary.

At the centre of the film is the journal of an Anishnaabe Canadian scout (named Gus), who uncovered the truth about the Martian invaders - the revelation of which sets to upend civilization.

Role: Art Director, Game Designer, Narrative Designer


Agency Reel


Narrative Design

The film only explores the impact of our scout's findings, which allowed me to build out a narrative to be explored through gameplay. Players unlocked Gus' journal entries and could play through sequences of his daring escape across enemy territory.

Concept Art & Illustration

Leveraging the design of the Martian walker created for the film, I created concept art for the various other adversaries the player would face, Gus himself, as well as the various items and power-ups found throughout the levels of the game.

Art Direction

After taking a cue from the History Channel show, I began to build out the various screens and interface elements based on that imagery. The fonts and skeuomorphic elements recalled the era in which the game is set - WWI