flying octopus

REZZ’s whimsically mystical song “Flying Octopus” was in need of an animated music video. I was hired to write a concept for the video, bring an animation team onboard, and co-direct the piece, ensuring that the final product was a memorable experience.

Role: Co-Writer, Co-Director


Music Video



I worked on a concept that fit the artist’s initial concept of an octopus recruiting friends in order to fly. That concept was turned into a treatment that further expanded on the world and characters, creating the basis for the final story. Calling back my experiences in music production and performance, I created a beat-sheet that ensured the story matched the song thematically, as well as musically.


Working closely with my co-director Aoífe Doyle (Pink Kong), I helped to developed the conceptual direction, action, and visual storytelling of the music video. We included much of the mythology built up by REZZ’s fanbase, including her stage performances and supporting imagery.