What Are The Sevens?

An interactive short-form film designed as a proof-of-concept and as the agency's primary identity. The film moves along at a constant pace, never slowing down for user participation; it's up to the visitors to finish the challenges on time. Once connected to the visitor's phone, interaction becomes more dynamic, ultimately converging on an unexpected finale that surprised and delighted audiences.

Role: Art Director, Game Designer, Storyboard Artist


Agency Reel


Game Design

Each game moment was designed to fit within a video sequence, allowing for an unbroken narrative and keeping the player immersed in the content. Simple game mechanics with no need for tutorials or instructions were the key.

Art Direction

Working with our executive partner and Creative Director, I helped shape the underlying narrative of our brand, and developed the world of the Sevens that was meant to continue for years to come.


Illustrating storyboards for the video sequence, and then building several animatics allowed us to test the timing of each game, the back-and-forth to the player's phone, and our all-important finale.