Speax is a language learning app for iOS devices. Designed to facilitate language learning through story, First Day in Paris” takes the user on a virtual trip to Paris, where they meet locals and other tourists, conversing in French in a natural setting. The app provides real-time feedback, allowing for an uninterrupted narrative that not only engages the user, but contextualizes the learning experience.

Role: Narrative Designer


App Demo


Story Development & Scriptwriting

I was brought on board to take the core learning experience and weave it into an immersive story that centres on the user’s trip to Paris. The task-oriented learning process needed to feel less like “jobs” and more as a holistic narrative that engages audiences in the world and characters of Paris.

Interaction / Game Design

Working closely with Reptoid Games, I drove development of the games interaction design. Providing narrative tasks that teach introductions, courtesy, directions, and answering simple questions, we were able to design an interaction model that was simple for language learners to use without sacrificing the quality of the story.