The Distractor beam

Winston Steinburger & Sir Dudley Ding-Dong was a new animated series for kids aged 6-11. Following the adventures of the titular characters, they’re embroiled in wacky hijinks on the edge of the universe. The Distractor Beam is a mobile game that served to introduce these new characters to kids in a fun and interactive game.

Role: Game Designer, Art Director, Concept Artist


Client Reel


Game Design

Rather than giving direct control over the characters to the player, the core mechanic has kids reorganizing the environments to keep the heroes safe as they march ever-onward towards dangers like oblivious lemmings.

Concept Art

The Distractor Beam is filled with traps and pitfalls. Part of my role during production was to design these assets and infuse them with the same humour found in the show’s television episodes.


Having developed an interesting, repeatable mechanic, I worked with my team and the show writers to develop a story that not only fit the game, but fell within the reality of the show world itself.