Creative Director for Immersive Digital Content

Hello. I’m Stefan Grambart, a creative director specializing in

immersive digital content



Brainstorming concepts for existing IP has been a large part of my career. From game designs, to online episodes, I've worked with many brands and properties to create successful digital projects and have even introduced new properties for television, film, and games.


I began my career in illustration and animation, and transitioned to print and digital design after a few successful years. Visual design and drawing are the craft I still use in every project; whether to sell through a concept or as final art.


I've always been a hands-on, collaborative leader; it stems back to my time in improv theatre. Working with teams to develop an idea into a fully realized product and mentoring designers in both their work and overall careers is a passion of mine.


I've been working for over two decades in the visual design and immersive storytelling space - from animation to game design, advertising to IP creation. I've worked on a number of amazing digital projects and have had the honour to work with some of the biggest brands, agencies, properties, and studios in Canada and the world.



Flying Octopus

Flying Octopus



keynotes & Workshops

I've always combined technology with storytelling, and have accrued international speaking experience based on my work in storytelling for emerging content platforms. I’ve presented to executive audiences at conferences, summits, and as a guest at progressive companies.