Damaged is a digital psychological thriller and interactive experience, about a young man who tries to unravel the mystery of a local gang and their connection to a serial killer called The Wolf.

I worked closely with Yellow Bear & Emmy® nominated director Richard Rotter to build an alternate reality game (ARG) that not only pulls fans into the world of the series, but also gives them context for one of the plot twists in the first season’s thrilling finale.

Role: Game Designer, Interactive Scriptwriter


Agency Reel


Game Design

Playing on the themes of technology and mystery, I created a companion narrative that mirrored the events and revelations of the series. Played out by hacking into the series’ protagonist’s computer, the player follows clues through emails, websites, and file folders, ultimately revealing that their actions had a direct impact on the outcome of the season finale.

Interactive Scriptwriting

In order to maintain continuity across the many pieces of narrative content, I created a story-map and wrote the emails, news articles and several scripts for the micro-videos. While hacking, the player interacts with characters from the show through an intelligent chatbot. They react to the messages the player types further extending the narrative of the show.



Damaged was featured on Sirius XM’s The Breakdown and The Richard Crouse Show on Newstalk1010.