ebola outbreak

Ebola Outbreak: A 360 Virtual Journey is an exploration of how the massive epidemic began, and why it wasn’t stopped sooner. It was filmed on the ground in West Africa in partnership with PBS investigative series Frontline and Columbia University's Tow Center for Digital Journalism.

The gripping documentary features heart-wrenching interviews with the victims and organizations involved in the deadly epidemic, recounting the events that began with a single infection and grew to impact the globe.

Role: Co-Creative Director


Agency Teaser


Concept Design

Working with the executive team at Secret Location, I helped to develop the creative concept behind the virtual journey. From the microscopic scale of the virus, to the global scale of its effects, we employed VR to take the audience on a journey impossible in any other medium.

Digital Narrative

Since the linear documentary and the VR extension were being shot & edited in tandem, it was important for the creative teams to collaborate on story design.

I combed through the footage, rough cuts, and 360 captures to piece together parts of a greater narrative, collaborating with the rest of our team.