Nerds & Monsters

What happens when a bus full of grade-school nerds is stranded on an island inhabited by monsters? Chaos of course! In a show that celebrates nerd culture in all its forms, Nerds & Monsters is a fun, irreverent adventure series aimed at boys & girls aged 6-11.

I was the creative lead on a trio of web and mobile-based games that played into the gross-out and slapstick humour that the show became known for. These games were designed to allow for continuous playthrough and reward the players as their skills increased.

Role: Art Director, Illustrator, Game Designer, Narrative Designer


”Nerdicopter” Showcase


Game Design

As the creative lead on the project team, I worked closely with our producer and technical director in order to develop a series of enjoyable and highly repeatable games that kids could enjoy on their tablets or through regular visits to the site.

Art Direction

One of our goals was to create a common language across our three games, giving kids some consistency and making switching activities easier. Through careful art direction and interface design I developed a system and then led a team of designers and programmers in its implementation.


Diving into my animation roots, I created many of the original assets for the games, In particular I got to concept and design the various “bonking mallets” that I had devised mechanics for. I also worked closely with the show animators to ensure the designs fit within the thematic constraints of the series.