project literacy

Project Literacy: The Lives Unseen is an educational VR campaign designed to inspire empathy for the struggles of people with illiteracy. Convened by Pearson and developed in collaboration with IDEO, the installation premiered at the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.

Role: Creative Director


Agency Reel


Creative Direction

Creating a frozen moment in VR by combining stereoscopic still images was the key to our experience. Post FX had to be applied to these images and I led a team of specialists, helping to innovate on existing methods to create techniques suitable for VR.

Interface design that bridged both stereoscopic and real-time 3D, non-linear narrative, and the overall user experience were my primary concern.

Team Leadership

As lead creative, my duties involved high-level design and concept work, as well as ushering the artistic vision throughout the production experience, managing the team and ensuring that the final product match client and audience expectations.

Delegating tasks and responsibilities to team members on both coasts became the norm with this project as we introduced a new highly collaborative workflow.