sleepy hollow

Grojband – The Show Must Go On! is a transmedia game competition that allows kids to show off their creativity and express their love for the show Grojband by creating animated “Wicked Cool Transitions” like the ones on the show – with the chance for their transitions to be shown on-air during the series’ broadcast.

Role: Art Director, Game Designer, Narrative Designer, Concept Artist


Agency Reel


VR Development

Developed during the advent of modern VR, Sleepy Hollow was a project that demanded a lot of innovation, not only from a technical perspective, but also novel approaches to story and interaction.

Experience Design

Beyond the challenges of VR, we had to address the visitor’s entire experience; from engaging them in the queue, to giving people something to share on social media as a take-away.

Pre-Production Art

In order to address the particular needs of a frameless medium, I created 360º storyboards in order to plan our scenes, prepare for the green screen capture, and help to develop the CG environment.