sleepy hollow

Sleepy Hollow VR is an immersive experience based on the FOX television show which was further embedded into an end-to-end installation at San Diego Comic-Con International. Guiding visitors through the iconic covered bridge, dropping them into a virtual environment, and giving them the fright of their life made Sleepy Hollow one of the most popular exhibits at Comic-Con that year.

Role: Creative Lead, Art Director, Concept Artist, Storyboard Artist


Agency Reel


VR Development

Developed during the advent of modern VR, Sleepy Hollow was a project that demanded a lot of innovation, not only from a technical perspective, but also novel approaches to story and interaction.

Experience Design

Beyond the challenges of VR, we had to address the visitor’s entire experience; from engaging them in the queue, to giving people something to share on social media as a take-away.

Pre-Production Art

In order to address the particular needs of a frameless medium, I created 360º storyboards in order to plan our scenes, prepare for the green screen capture, and help to develop the CG environment.