A Perfect Terrorist

Released in support of the film, A Perfect Terrorist is a short-form digital documentary built in collaboration with PBS Frontline and with the support of Mozilla. The interactive video has director Tom Jennings drawing nodes on a pane of glass while speaking directly into the camera. These nodes were further embellished by illustrations and acted as hyperlinks that uncovered more facts about the gripping case.

Role: Art Director, Illustrator


Agency Reel


Interface Design

I led the creative team in the design of the user interface, which would rely heavily on Tom Jenning's circular nodes as drawn in the video footage. The text and image popups were designed to be responsive, working bot on desktop screens and mobile devices.


I was the principal illustrator for the various images placed inside the nodes. I worked with a small team of artists to produce the rest, all based on the initial portraits I did of David Headley.